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Radi Nedelchev (Bulgarian: Ради Неделчев) (born April 1, 1938) is a Bulgarian artist best known as a painter[1] of naïve art. His paintings depict mostly landscapes, village life and festivals, Bulgarian folk art. 

Nedelchev was born in the village of Ezerche, a mixed community of Christians and Muslims,  His family were farmers and peasant artisans, his mother a weaver and his father a wood carver. From an early age Nedelchev was a compulsive drawer.

In 1966 Nedelchev formed a local Union of Artists. In 1971 Nedelchev’s art was discovered for the first time outside of Bulgaria where, in Switzerland, art critic and writer Anatole Jakovsky awarded him a special prize in a worldwide competition for naive art. 


Nedelchev’s work has found its way into many private and corporate collections, as well as into the hands of many foreign ambassadors and politicians. Examples are the Krupp Corporation — Germany, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre – India, and ex-Chinese Premier Li Peng.

Radi Nedelchev is a member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists and also holds The Order of Cyril and Methodius 1st class – the highest prize for art and culture in Bulgaria


2014 Radi Nedelchev's work ''The cycle of life'' was accepted and sold at the Summer Royal Academy of Arts Exhibition. 

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